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Thematic reviews bring together findings from multiple studies on a particular topic

Thematic reviews

Thematic reviews are short overviews of key findings from multiple UK-based research and evaluation reports on a particular topic. Each review will vary depending on the available information, and will aim to include:

We hope our thematic reviews provide a useful overview to help you get a quick understanding on a particular topic, or to act as a ‘way in’ to more detailed information contained in specific evidence summaries.

Please contact us at whatworks@fincap.org.uk if you have any feedback, including suggestions for research that you think should be covered in future updates.

Thematic review how can we help women to achieve better financial outcomes 377250424

Thematic Review:

How can we help women to achieve better financial outcomes?

There is an expanding body of global research that associates being a woman with experiencing worse financial outcomes. This association is particularly strong in studies of financial wellbeing and, most notably, those focused on measures of longer-term wellbeing. This thematic review explores these complexities further, along with what is known about the financial wellbeing gender gap and what can be done, outside of policy change, to contribute to closing this gap.

Youth students 1600x440

Thematic Review:

How can peer-based approaches be used to support Financial Wellbeing?

Peer-based approaches can improve engagement by providing a credible voice and authentic lived experiences. This review explores how peer-based approaches can work and provides good practice principles for involving peers in the delivery of financial wellbeing support.

Persistent credit card debt

Thematic Review:

How can we help people who are reliant on credit to make ends meet?

Nine million UK adults use credit to pay for food and bills because they have run out of money. This review considers why people become reliant on credit to make ends meet, how we can identify those at risk and what kinds of support are most effective.

How can we improve financial wellbeing in the workplace

Thematic Review:

How can we improve financial wellbeing in the workplace?

Many employers now recognise that financial concerns impacts their staff performance. Whilst the link between financial wellbeing and productivity is well evidenced, what works to improve employee financial wellbeing is less well known. This review sets out design principles for financial wellbeing programmes in the workplace and guidance on how employers can understand the effectiveness of their programme.

What is financial confidence and how can we improve it

Thematic Review:

What is financial confidence, and how can we improve it?

There is a robust and growing body of evidence which shows a strong relationship between financial confidence and financial wellbeing. In the 2018 UK Financial Capability survey, financial confidence was strongly correlated with current financial wellbeing, and there were similar findings from national surveys in Norway and Canada. However, the exact nature of the relationship between financial confidence, behaviour, knowledge and skills remains unclear.

Retirement review

Thematic Review:

How can we help older people make the most of their money?

The UK population is getting older, and those in retirement face unique economic challenges. They typically display higher levels of confidence, good money management skills and behaviours; but, with potential ill-health and cognitive decline, their financial literacy and access to support will decline with age. Further, the increasing digitisation of services threatens to leave older people who lack digital skills behind.

Thematic review saving hero 1600x440

Thematic Review:

How can we encourage people to save, and to save more?

We are a nation of spenders rather than savers. The ratio of savings to income in the UK is low when compared to other countries and as many as a third of households have no savings at all. The social norm is to spend to achieve a certain lifestyle and for many people, regardless of income, this can make saving seem impossible.

Thematicreview youngadults

Thematic Review:

How can we help young adults to engage with their money?

Young adults (16-25 years old) face many potential financial pitfalls on the road to independence, but there are also opportunities to take stock and take control. This review asks how we can encourage young adults to engage with money guidance as they move towards financial independence, so that they make good choices and form positive habits.