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Research suggests that young adults typically display lower levels of financial capability than older age groups

Young adults

The transition into independent living and the working environment between the ages of 16 and 24 is a critical period in a young adult’s life. It presents new challenges and requires financial decisions to be made that could have a major impact on their future adult lives.

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  • Tuesday 26 March 2019

    Listening events: share your views with The Money and Pensions Service

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Financial capability in action

Is there a link between financial capability and social mobility?

The National Youth Agency has published a report that explores whether better financial capability can improve the social mobility of disadvantaged young people.

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Calls to Action: setting a new vision for financial capability

Five new Calls to Action have been announced as part of The Financial Capability Strategy’s ambitious vision of how, together, we could move effectively towards a more financially capable nation.

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How young adults perceive credit

The Money Advice Service undertook research alongside partner organisations on how young adults perceive and use credit, and what money management tips they would find useful.

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Young adults strategy

A key aim of The Strategy will be to listen to and understand more fully the differing capabilities of, or barriers faced by, young adults. Then, to enable more effective, sustainable and engaging financial capability approaches to be developed to help young adults with welfare reform, further and higher education funding, and changes in the jobs market, such as an increase in apprenticeships.

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