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Overall, people in Northern Ireland are better at managing money well day to day than they are at planning ahead

Northern Ireland

This Northern Ireland Strategy aims to help people to help themselves, and this will be underpinned by regularly raising awareness of the importance of good money management, and signposting to and supporting individuals in getting the help and advice that they need when they need it.

All sectors in Northern Ireland, public, private and voluntary, have made and continue to make a significant contribution to developing the financial capability of Northern Ireland’s consumers. Work in this area is organic, and will grow and develop over time and in response to changing needs and demands.

Northern Ireland Strategy

The essential message and theme of the Northern Ireland Strategy and its action plans is one of empowerment – equipping and enabling consumers to take control of their financial affairs, and to manage their money effectively.

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The Strategy across the UK

As well as the UK Strategy, there are strategies for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Financial capability in action

Money Matters: A Queen’s University study into the effectiveness of financial capability apps

Determining whether mobile apps designed to enhance financially capable behaviours can help people from disadvantaged communities.

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Calls to Action: setting a new vision for financial capability

Five new Calls to Action have been announced as part of The Financial Capability Strategy’s ambitious vision of how, together, we could move effectively towards a more financially capable nation.

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Managing Chang£…What works?

Managing Chang£ aimed to explore how much a financial capability intervention would positively impact the money management skills, knowledge and behaviours of people with chronic or acute mental health conditions.

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