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20% of working-age adults often use a credit card, overdraft or borrow money to buy food or pay bills because they have run short of money

Working age

Working age covers a large period from the ages of 16 to 70, and covers a wide range of financial decisions and life events. Poor financial capability leads to increased stress, and the connection between physical, mental and financial wellbeing is increasingly being understood. Financial capability interventions for working age adults cross a range of areas: workplace, welfare, housing, health, technology and life events.

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  • Friday 2 August 2019

    Developing financial rules of thumb: MAS responds to the Financial Advice Market Review

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Financial capability in action

Webinar: financial wellbeing in the workplace

Hays Recruitment share how they approached this issue with management and employees, and demonstrate that you don’t need big budgets or massive resources to make effective change.

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How retail banking can improve financial capability

Much is being done by financial services to help customers build financial wellbeing, and there’s more to do. A Money and Pensions Service report shares good practice and recommendations.

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Minimising financial harm caused by mental health problems

The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute conducted a report on how public services can better respond to people in mental health crisis who are also struggling with problem debt.

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Working age strategy

The Strategy aims to understand the role that employers can play in supporting and improving financial capability. Financial difficulties can lead to decreased productivity in the workplace. How can employers support the financial wellbeing of their people day to day, through life events and into the longer term?

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