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This Strategy is UK-wide but, where appropriate, has developed nationally-specific actions that recognise and address the policy contexts of each nation

UK Strategy

The UK scores less well at planning ahead than at managing day to day.

  • Just over half of the population save every month or most months. But far fewer have a significant emergency fund.
  • Only one in two working-age people are currently paying into a pension.
  • Only a third of over-50s have even the roughest plan for how they will pay for long-term care.

The Strategy was launched in 2015 to bring together employers, charities, government and business to collaborate and take action to permanently address these and other issues, giving people the control and confidence to make the most of their money - from pocket money to pensions.

Strategy extract

This Strategy aims to improve financial capability across the UK. That means improving people’s ability to manage money well, both day to day and through significant life events, and their ability to handle periods of financial difficulty. It will focus on developing people’s financial skills and knowledge, and improving their attitudes and motivation. This, combined with an inclusive financial system, can help people achieve the best possible financial wellbeing.

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Life stages across the UK

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The Strategy across the UK

As well as the UK Strategy, there are strategies for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Financial capability in action

Find financial education near you

Use our new interactive map to find financial education projects and services for children and young people in your area, or fill in our survey to add your project to the map.

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Calls to Action: setting a new vision for financial capability

Five new Calls to Action have been announced as part of The Financial Capability Strategy’s ambitious vision of how, together, we could move effectively towards a more financially capable nation.

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Supportive Council Tax recovery guidance for local authorities

Council Tax debt is now the most common reason that people seek debt advice. The Money Advice Service has published guidance for supportive Council Tax recovery, including good practice and case studies.

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