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Explore a wide range of research into financial capability, including insights, evaluations and reviews

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Whether you are building a new financial capability intervention, commissioning or funding a new programme of work, or trying to better understand the financial needs of people in the UK, in this section you will find a wide range of evidence about financial capability and the work that exists to improve it.

Evidence Hub

The Financial Capability Evidence Hub contains summaries of research and evaluations concerning financial capability. Reports have been summarised so that you can get the key information on the topic you’re interested in as quickly as possible.

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There are also thematic reviews which bring together findings from different reports on a specific theme, providing an overview of what has already been done and how it worked in certain contexts.

View thematic reviews on saving, older people and young adults

The Financial Capability Survey

The Financial Capability Surveyopens in new window provides a detailed picture of the financial capability of people in the UK. In this section of the website you can discover the results of the survey and learn more about the key building blocks of good financial capability, information that can be used to gain a greater understanding of the nation’s financial capability needs and to help target programmes of work.