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Understanding levels of adult financial capability across the whole of the UK

Financial Capability Survey

The UK Adult Financial Capability Survey has been specifically designed to support the UK Financial Capability Strategy. The survey has three functions:

  1. to generate a map of adult financial capability in the UK signalling where capability is higher or lower,
  2. to provide a diagnostic tool identifying the potential enablers and barriers to financial capability and in time,
  3. to produce a number of high-level measures that will track the performance of the Strategy.

These will be used alongside the robust evaluation of (any major) pilots and interventions that are designed to support the Strategy.

Interviews were conducted with a nationally representative sample of 3,461 adults, aged 18+, living in the UK. Additional ‘boost’ interviews were conducted in each of the devolved nations (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and 18-24 year olds to ensure a robust base for analysis. In total, 5,603 respondents took part in this research between April and July 2015. The survey was conducted mainly (74%) online with some face-to-face interviews (26%) to represent lighter users and non-users of the internet. Interviews averaged 27 minutes and took place between April and July 2015. The data were weighted to known population estimates.

The questionnaire was extensively developed from previous waves of Financial Capability research, comparison with international surveys such as those run by OECD and ASIC, specific qualitative research, cognitive testing and quantitative pilots.

More information on the survey results and design is available to download from this site:

• To view the Money Advice Service Financial Capability UK Survey report, please click here

• To view the Money Advice Service Financial Capability Technical report*, please click here

*The Technical report provides more detail on the methodology used for the Financial Capability Survey – including such factors as the sampling methodology and weighting scheme.