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Welcome to the Financial Wellbeing Evidence Hub

The Financial Wellbeing Evidence Hub

The Financial Wellbeing Evidence Hub is here to help you design your interventions, funding programmes and policies - by making evidence, insight and learning easier to find and understand. It contains two areas:

Thematic reviews

Bringing together findings from multiple research and evaluation studies on specific topics, to highlight practical learning for funders, practitioners and researchers.

Evidence summaries

Research studies, evaluations and reviews of evidence from the UK and around the world - with evidence descriptions, points to consider and key findings drawn out in each evidence summary.

What goes on the Hub?

In order to be included on the Evidence Hub, all content must:

  • Relate to people’s financial wellbeing
  • Make a positive contribution to the Evidence Hub, given what is on there already
  • Be based on research
  • Provide a full description of the research methods used, where, when, and who did the research
  • Describe the context in which the research was conducted, including any significant cultural, social, or political factors that may have influenced the results
  • Describe the research participants and how this sample was chosen
  • Evidence all conclusions and justify any recommendations
  • Acknowledge uncertainty and limitations.

Have a look at our detailed set of inclusion criteria for each type of evidence.

Understanding and using evidence

We have developed a descriptive system to help you understand the type of evidence available for every study on the Hub. For more detail, have a look at our evidence checklists for insight, evaluation and reviewsopens in new window.

Improving the Hub

We want the Evidence Hub to be more than a website. We will be looking at the best ways to bring financial wellbeing evidence to life and involve the sector in the way we develop content in and around the Hub.

We would love to hear from you. Please drop us a line at [email protected].