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Quality money management support through practitioners

Financial capability practitioners

We believe that the thousands of practitioners who help people across the UK with their money are at the heart of effective, high quality support.

Over the next few years, the Money and Pensions Service will deliver a programme of work that specifically focuses on practitioners of all kinds. This includes those who help people manage their money as only a fraction of their role, and those who do it all day, everyday. For example:

  • housing officers
  • youth workers
  • care co-ordinators
  • mental health officers
  • volunteers
  • community workers, and
  • general advisers.

Together we will help to provide the best possible support for people across the UK by raising the status and profile of money guidance and the quality of its delivery.

Attracting and developing practitioners

We want to know that people are receiving quality money support, and to help the sector attract, retain and develop people; giving money guidance and support the attention and importance that it deserves. We want practitioners and their organisations to have quality resources, training, evidence and insights that they can easily access and use to implement positive change in programmes and services.

In 2017 we brought together a consortium and conducted research to gain a better understanding of practitioners’ learning needs and what activity can be undertaken to meet any gaps and enhance their capacity.

Considering the consortium’s recommendations in phase 2 (April 2018- August 2019), we will be working closely with the diverse range of organisations in the community to:

  • develop and test a framework that contains the shared competencies needed by practitioners
  • provide access to resources, training and qualifications
  • build and strengthen a money guidance practitioner community to broadcast, share and learn.

We want to hear your views

Over the last six months we have been working with Pye Tait and a fantastic working group of practitioners from across the UK to develop a competency framework for anyone who delivers any kind of money guidance.

We now need your help. Pye Tait are collecting feedback from across the UK on the draft competency framework via events, interviews and an online survey.

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