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For interventions seeking to enhance teachers’ skills, knowledge and understanding to drive the effectiveness of financial education

Teachers outcomes framework

The Money Advice Service has worked with Young Enterprise/pfeg to develop an Outcomes Framework for teachers. The process used for developing the Framework is shown below. Use the link on the right hand side of this page to download a report on the development of the Framework . We would like to thank Steve Stillwell and Marianna Lemus of Young Enterprise for their work in developing the Framework and report.

Young Enterprise/pfeg has conducted extensive desk research and engagement with teachers and stakeholders to better understand the factors that shape effective delivery of financial education and identify appropriate indicators of good teaching practice. They have engaged with charity delivery organisations, financial services and government departments and agencies, as well as teachers.

Development Phase Diagram

The full Framework, with indicators and measurement tools, is currently under review by the Money Advice Service and will then be tested and piloted in 2016.

The draft Outcomes Framework is published below, if you would like to provide feedback on this, please contact us at whatworks@fincap.org.uk

A schematic of the Framework is shown below. Use the link at the right hand side of the page to download the full Framework with measurement tools. The Framework will be tested and piloted in 2016.