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Working age strategy

Working age strategy

Working age life starts when we leave education or training and enter the workplace, and stretches through to retirement. It covers a wide range of life events broadly from the ages of 16 to 70.

Many working age people are competent at budgeting and managing their money day to day. The key challenge is to improve the financial resilience of working age adults by focusing on their capability to save for the future, plan ahead and manage life events.

“Less than 3 in 10 of the working age population have savings of 3 months income or more.”

The ease with which working age people can access and use financial products and services with confidence is also important. To make the biggest possible impact, support to improve financial capability needs to be embedded across services that support people through major life events and be accessible through the workplace.

Priorities for the Strategy are to:

  • build a stronger savings culture in the UK: Making it easier for more adults to save regularly and withstand financial shocks
  • plan ahead and manage life events: Improving our shared understanding of what works in building financial capability around major life events
  • improve the ease and accessibility of financial products.

Find out more

  • You can read specific priorities for working age adults in the devolved nations on the pages for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales
  • If you would like to get more involved in this area of the Strategy please contact us at [email protected]