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Rally around key Calls to Action for addressing financial capability in the UK

Calls to Action: setting a new vision for financial capability

Launched by Sir Hector Sants on behalf of the Financial Capability Strategy Board during Talk Money Week 2018, five new Calls to Action have been announced as part of The Financial Capability Strategy’s ambitious vision of how, together, we could move effectively towards a more financially capable nation.


Based on robust insight and evidence, these Calls to Action focus on the five essential building blocks of financial capability:

  • saving
  • credit
  • debt advice
  • retirement
  • financial education.

Designed to create a common purpose and give a clear framework for everyone, from the financial services sector to policymakers, educators and third-sector organisations, the Calls to Action will ensure that we address the same barriers to everyday financial capability.

The research and insight that underpins each Call to Action will be used to identify and implement practical market solutions or interventions that work for consumers. Much of this work is already taking place, from behavioural change-based interventions to technological solutions that make accessing debt advice easier for more people.

Timescale for achieving an improvement in financial capability

We have set a deliberately challenging deadline of December 2021 to measure what impact each Call to Action has made on a wide and complex landscape.

By working collaboratively with all stakeholders who aim to build financial capability, we believe significant progress can be made between now and then.

By mobilising people like you, by December 2021:

  • one million more adults could be saving
  • one million fewer people could be relying on credit for everyday essentials
  • half a million more people a year could be receiving free, effective debt advice
  • two million more working age adults could feel informed enough to make decisions about retirement
  • six out of ten 7 to 17 year olds could be receiving meaningful financial education in settings which match their needs.


Call to action saving

10.7 million adults don’t save regularly, and 11.5 million have less than £100 in savings to fall back on. We want everyone to save money regularly.

Strategy for saving


Call to action credit

Nine million adults often borrow to buy food or pay bills. We want to see a fall in the number of people relying on credit for everyday essentials.

Strategy for people in financial difficulties

Debt advice

Call to action debt

8.3 million people are over-indebted but less than a quarter seek help. We want everyone who needs it to be able to get free and effective debt advice.

Strategy for people in financial difficulties


Call to action retirement

22 million working-age people say they don’t know enough to plan for their retirement. We want everyone to have the support they need to make informed decisions about their retirement.

Strategy for retirement planning

Financial education

Call to action financial education

Only 52% of 7-17 year-olds say they receive a meaningful financial education in school, at home, or in other settings. We want all children and young people to have a meaningful financial education.

Strategy for children and young peopleopens in new window