Evidence Hub

The Hub contains the most up-to-date and relevant publicly available evidence on the effectiveness of financial capability interventions. The purpose of the Hub is three-fold:

  1. To support the use of evidence in intervention design and funding
  2. To ensure that evidence of what works is accessible and easy to understand
  3. To highlight the importance of the quality of evaluation.

The Evidence Hub has been designed to ensure that the financial capability sector can collectively make the biggest impact possible on the nation's financial capability. It will help different types of user in the following ways:

Funders and Policy Makers

To base funding decisions and intervention design on evidence of what works and a better understanding of the gaps in provision. To better understand good evaluation practice and promote this amongst organisations they fund.

Researchers and Commissioners

To more effectively target research budgets at evidence gaps. To make connections with other researchers through mapping of current projects.


To learn from projects that have been shown to make a difference. To learn how others evaluate and promote their own good evaluation practice.

The Evidence Hub has been developed by the Money Advice Service and independently quality assured by the Personal Finance Research Centre (PFRC) at the University of Bristol. It currently contains a selection of the most robust and relevant impact evaluations of financial capability programmes from across the UK and internationally. It will be updated on a regular basis and expanded in response to your feedback. For more information see the Hub FAQs.

Following the launch in March, we asked Hub users to tell us about their experience and what improvements they wanted to see made. Whilst there was strong support for bringing evidence of effective approaches together in one place, users also made suggestions for changes that would make it easier for them to find the most relevant information and interpret Hub content. In response to this feedback, we have made the following changes:

  • Improved the visibility of the keyword search and publication date
  • Adapted the search filters
  • Further clarified the Evidence Levels, to highlight that the rating is based upon both the evidence of effectiveness and the quality of the evaluation approach

Hub users also requested greater breadth of coverage, both in terms of the types of interventions and evidence contained in the Hub. This feedback further reinforces the important role the Money Advice Service has in improving accessibly and usability of different types of evidence. To this end, the Service will develop and launch an Insight Library in 2016, which will collate a wider range of evidence. The Money Advice Service will be contacting users of the Evidence Hub and other stakeholders throughout November and December 2015 to better understand how the Insight Library should be designed and delivered.

If you would like to provide feedback, please contact us at whatworks@fincap.org.uk