What is FinCap Week?

Financial Capability Week (FinCap Week) is an annual event which takes place in mid-November. It celebrates, showcases and amplifies the work underway to improve financial capability and ultimately to improve financial wellbeing. The week is organised as part of the Financial Capability Strategy for the UK and aims to get more people talking about money #TalkMoney.

When is the next FinCap Week?

The dates for FinCap Week 2018 are 12 – 18 November 2018.

If you’d like to find out how you can be involved in next year’s Financial Capability Week 2018 sign up to keep in touch.

Highlights from 2017

For the second annual FinCap Week, hundreds of organisations got involved and got more people in their communities, workplaces and on social media to talk about money. Nearly 200 events took place across the country organised by everyone from financial advisers in Aberdeen, a housing association in Belfast, credit unions in Newport, academics, charities and advice agencies.

You can hear from our Financial Capability Board on why they were encouraging organisations to get involved and the FinCap Week map below shows the range of events that took place across the country. Click here to see the best of #FinCap17 on social media and in pictures.